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Bijie Guizhou cherry red agate limited liability company, is a "research, demonstrations, promotion, trade in services" as one of the private enterprises. Mainly engaged in fruit trees by the introduction of high-quality varieties, selection, promotion and cultivation of agricultural products import and export trade名特优. Since the company was founded .......


  2011 agate red cherry undergo note long-term low temperature natural disasters, still for granted, prices surged to $25 each jins, mu income exceeding RMB 20000.  

sAddres:Bijie Guizhou Tianhe Dongyuan C unit on the seventh floor buildings B
Mobile phone:13508579868(蔡总)


Fruit tree cultivation on photosynthesis of
2008自考fruit trees cultivation technology professional
The characteristics of a cherry tree fertilization
Expressly stipulated that the State should not be used 
[Policy] of fruit trees to start the standardization of
Interim Measures for the Administration of fruit trees 
Cherry health recipes
Beauty may wish to eat cherr
Woman eating cherries and he
Pregnant women the benefits 
Cherry health recipes
The Legend of Cherry
Cherry described the effecti
Cherry stepholidine prepared
Agate red cherry cultivati
Propagation of sweet cherr
The morphological characte
Seize the good opportunity
History and distribution o
The significance of planti
After planting a cherry tree management
Cherry tree in autumn fertilization to do a good job
The characteristics of a cherry tree fertilization
Science and Technology, Guizhou train the fruit of expe
Cherry red agate, farmers mo
Cherry red agate there are t

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