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Bijie Guizhou cherry red agate limited liability company, is a "research, demonstrations, promotion, trade in services" as one of the private enterprises. Mainly engaged in fruit trees by the introduction of high-quality varieties, selection, promotion and cultivation of agricultural products import and export trade名特优. Since the company was founded .......




History and distribution of cultivated


Cherry is more than 120 kinds of plants, cultivation of fruit trees as the world there are three kinds of main, that is, Chinese Cherry, the European sweet cherries, sour cherries in Europe. Rootstocks are used for mahaleb cherry, mountain cherry, Prunus and various hybrids such as cherry.

1. China's Cherry

Originating in China, has been cultivated more than 3,000 years of history, but also a wide distribution in China. North from the South of Liaoning Province, North China provinces, as far south as Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, west to Qinghai, Gansu and Xinjiang have the cultivation, especially in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, the most cultivated. Cherry China are precocious, high yield, etc., but the main drawback is the small cherry fruit, reducing the value of the goods.

2. Europe, also known as sweet cherry sweet cherry sweet cherry or origin western Asia and southeastern Europe, in the 1st century BC, the Roman Empire began to cultivation, the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD spread to various parts of Europe to Germany, Britain, France The most popular, the beginning of the 16th century, cultivation of the formal economy, the introduction of the early 18th century the United States, Japan, in 1874 after the United States and Europe from the introduction of sweet cherry, at present, the world has been widely cultivated sweet cherry. In addition to the general culture of European countries, the North America, United States, Canada, South America, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Oceania, New Zealand, East Asia, Japan, China, Korea and South Africa, Israel has cultivated and developed.

    3. European sour cherries cultivated mainly in Europe and the United States, mostly for processing canned food, fruit juice, fruit and so on. Its size and production with a very sweet cherry, such as the former Soviet Union, the annual output reached 400,000 tons, is the sweet cherry (80,000 tons) of 5 times, the United States (123,000 ~ 129,000 tons), Germany (143,000 ~ 148,000 tons) , Yugoslavia (107,000 ~ 130,000 tons), Poland (77,000 ~ 81,000 tons), Turkey (50,000 ~ 60,000 tons), Hungary (61,000 tons), Bulgaria (15,000 tons). Zoucheng City in Shandong Province in eastern China's 4,000 acres of mountain areas of Europe, the introduction of sour cherries, the variety for the grind to acid, with the development of processing industry of agricultural products and changes in eating habits, sour cherries in Europe and the introduction and cultivation will also be the progressive development of

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